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  1. What is meant by the “White Hand of Musa (A)?
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What is meant by the “White Hand of Musa (A)?

In a commentary of this verse constituted of the notes of Hazrat Mirza Bashirrudin Mahmud Ahmad ra , we read:. Thus the word means argumentation. This he did, publishing scores of books and lecturing throughout India. Moreover the place of Ludhiana has a special significance in this regard too. This town was the place where the Promised Messiah as took his first initiates into the community. It was also the centre of Christian publication in British India. Soon after he delivered a grand speech at the Conference of World Religions where he spoke on the beauties of Islam in the heart of the Christian empire.

This speech, published as Ahmadiyyat or the True Islam, was renowned as being unparalleled in its quality and erudition. They would seek refuge in the teachings of Islam, while the civilisation around them makes further progress. Rather these were all preliminaries that foreshadowed his claim of being the Promised Messiah. He has also appointed me to put a stop to religious wars by proclaiming the truth, to create religious harmony, to reveal the religious truths that have long remained hidden from mortal eyes, and to display the true spirituality that lies submerged under the darkness of selfish passions.

I have also been sent to demonstrate practically, and not just in words, how Divine powers enter man and how they are manifested through prayer and concentration. But, first and foremost, I have been sent to re-establish forever the lost belief in the Unity of God — Tauhid — which is pure and luminous and unadulterated by any form of idolatry — Shirk. All this will not come about by my power, but by the Mighty hand of the Lord of heaven and earth. His mission was grand, and he invited seekers of truth to join him in his Ark, constructed to save the world from the deluge of godlessness and materialism in which all are drowning.

He did not forward his claim emptily. Rather he proclaimed that heaven and earth had testified to his truth. Though a description of his signs runs into volumes, brief summaries will be provided below.

The Mark of the Beast

First and foremost, Ahmad as pointed to the divine law that when mankind was in need of guidance, God would always send a Prophet to lead them out of a state of heedlessness into spiritual bliss:. But the world still has a thousand years to survive, and all the new innovations that have been made for worldly comfort and well-being clearly show that God desires to bring about a spiritual reformation parallel to the physical revolution. Every sin is at its peak, spiritual powers are growing weaker and weaker, and the light of faith is fading out.

Reason, therefore, demands that a light must come from heaven to overcome this darkness. Just as physical darkness is only dispelled by heavenly light, similarly, the light that illuminates the hearts also descends from heaven. Ever since God created man, He has ordained that, to unite mankind, He shall bestow the light of His awareness upon one of them at every time of need, and shall speak to him, and make him drink the cup of His love, and show him His chosen path, and grant him the eagerness to invite others towards the light, love and insight that has been given to him, so that they, too, may become part of him, and guard themselves against sin, and share his awareness, and attain the heights of piety and purity.

In accordance with this time-honoured law, God has already foretold through His Prophets that, at the end of the sixth millennium after Adam — when a great darkness would envelope the earth, and the deluge of sin would inundate the land, and hearts would become devoid of love for God — He will breathe into a man the spirit of truth and love and awareness, just like in the case of Adam, without resorting to any physical means.

And this man will also be called the Messiah because God shall Himself anoint his soul with His love. This Messiah, whom the scriptures also call the Promised Messiah, shall be made to stand up against Satan, and the final battle between the legions of Satan and the Messiah shall ensue.

For this spiritual battle, Satan will come prepared with all his powers and all his progeny and all his resources. And this shall be followed by the end of the world. These are shining testimonies of the truth of the Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as , for they testify clearly to our age. If these were signs, as they so evidently are, then for whom else have they appeared? We will focus on one aspect of these various signs now.

Indeed they were making spectacular gains across the world, most notably British India and Africa. They would point to the widespread Muslim belief that Jesus as was alive in heaven while the Prophet Muhammad sa was buried in the ground. Through various attacks on Islam such as these, they had made huge in-roads in converting the Muslim population of India.

Then, under divine instruction he formed the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, which became a living testimony of the truth of Islam. He claimed that God had revealed to him that Jesus as , Son of Mary, had passed away. Indeed, with much research he established conclusively that the first Messiah was buried in Srinigar, Kashmir, as described in Jesus in India. Indeed, even those who did not follow him lauded him for his defence against Christianity. Then Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib entered the arena, and he resolutely positioned himself as the shield of Islam against the Christian padres and Arya preachers… I would mince no words in saying that Mirza Sahib performed this duty with great capability and dexterity, and defanged the opponents of Islam.

The famed educator and statesman, Maulana Abdul Azad, wrote in his obituary in the Wakeel Newspaper:. We have to heartily acknowledge the value and greatness of that body of literature, now that it has accomplished its task It not only blew to pieces the initial influence secured by Christianity—which was due to the tutelage of the British Government and was, in fact, its mainstay—causing hundreds of thousands of Muslims to escape its much more dangerous and likely-to-succeed attack, but even the magic of Christianity itself started to blow up in smoke….

In short, this service by Mirza Sahib will keep future generations weighed down under debt for having led from the front those engaged in Jihad by the Pen and for having performed the duty of defending Islam and leaving such a vast body of literature that as long as blood courses in the veins of the Muslims, and the defence of Islam remains the hallmark of their national character, this literature will endure.

Indeed that was just the beginning. The mission has become international in its scope, with intensive missionary activity in Africa especially defending against Christian efforts. This worldwide activity has not gone unnoticed. Let me not imply that the Ahmadi is basically dishonest in his efforts. He is faithful in the practice of his beliefs to an extent that would put many an Adventist to shame….

The great advances of Islam in certain areas of earth today, as opposed to the spread of Christianity, are for the most part the work of Ahmadiyat, or stimulated by Ahmadis. In the last fifty years, the activity has only strengthened. In Africa, the community has a population in the millions, with a wide network of radio channels, and now a Satellite Television station — MTA Africa. It continues in force around the rest of the world too.

Ahmad as said that not only would his arguments serve as a great bulwark against Christian advances, but that his prayers alone would also serve this cause.

He stated that from his time onwards, Christianity would gradually weaken until it become an insignificant force in the world. At the time, this was outrageously bold, for Christianity was spreading fast across the world, and its patron, the British Empire, was at its zenith.

Scrubbing Muhammad's Semen Stains (Fun Islamic Fact #15)

Ahmad proclaimed four specific signs of truth in his book The Need for the Imam. The first was his mastery over the Arabic language:. They described him as a Munshi, that is to say, a half-educated scribe. He was literate; so he was able to write. Some of his writings had attracted attention; so he had come to have a reputation.

He was no scholar, knew no Arabic, and did not have the qualifications to pronounce on religious matters. This criticism was raised in every conversation and in every hostile writing.

Four Marks of the Church - Wikipedia

A wall of prejudice was erected against him. It was untrue to say that he knew no Arabic, however. He had read the standard books. But he had certainly not had the benefit of instruction from any great scholar. He had earned no testimonial after study at an old school. He was not one of the leading Ulema of the country, nor was he a Maulvi of any status.

When this criticism spread far and wide and the Mullas started trumpeting it in and out of season, God granted him special knowledge of the Arabic language. According to him, God endowed him with a vocabulary of 40, words in a single night.

He was granted miraculous competence in the Arabic language; he was commanded to write Arabic books and promised special help.