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Tagged as autobiography , bondage , daddy , gay erotica , Jeff Mann , leather , queer erotica , sexplay , Unzipped Books.

HOT LIST: 28 Smoking HOT Romance Books You Need To Read Before The End Of

Buy from Lethe Press. Life provides some interesting juxtapositioning. Among the choicer morsels was Twice-Told Tales , an adaptation of three Nathaniel Hawthorne stories, including the root see what I did there? Having inspired the incredible cover you see above, Berman had to put out a call and come up with the goods.

Fourteen brave souls responded with tales ranging from lyrical to pornographic. Sometimes in the same paragraph. The variety of scenarios in which these deeds are done, however, is pretty damned astonishing. Part of their foreplay consists of Art describing in gory detail the taste, smell, and texture of the most disgusting foods Perry can find for Art to consume. Century eggs.

Corn smut. Claire, who entraps a young, wounded Mexican-American war vet. From alien plant forms to durian fruit to anally-puckered orchids, this book has a little bit of everything. The cover is light and spare, the buildings surrounding the title transformed into wire and white space. One word title. Author name. Barely anchored into place. This is not a book that encourages frivolity or anything less than essential.

Atticus is a Manhattan architect badly in need of a creative renaissance. He won his current job with his first few successes in the industry but has been coasting for a while. In this sexual awakening, Atticus finds his skills returning and soon wins an important new design project at work. But part of its charm is that it simplifies the whole subject of midlife—or at least midcareer—crisis to a bare bones, nearly transparent narrative everyone can identify with as it hints at the individual complexities beneath.

Similarly, the tone is dispassionate and reserved, Atticus telling us about his white hot passion instead of letting us get too close to it. That puzzled me at first. Hot, yes, but I expected more explicit sex and longer passages yes, that was intended. Atticus has a distinctive voice, and his willingness to plum the depths of whatever relationship he can have with Tad is well told. Skyscraper is a little wonder of a book that packs a great deal into a small package, and it will leave you thinking about the relationship between success and failure.

Best Gay BDSM

Leave a comment. The dense forest hides many more, but three in particular creep out from the between the trees most often: one poetic, one crazed with lust, and one shaggy with heat and dust. A fourth one, regretful and elegiac, can also be relied upon for regular appearances. When all of them work in concert as they did in for A Horse Named Sorrow or Faun , their combined power is formidable. But the shorter pieces such as those found in his recent Lethe release, Eros and Dust: Stories , reveal the strength of those beasts on a more individual level.

The metaphor is strong any time but becomes nearly prescient when seen in light of the current political situation. The horny Healey is usually flanked by the shaggy one, the hot grit he exudes providing a dusty, transient backdrop that serves the author well. Whether the setting is parched Los Angeles, the Oaxacan desert, or a PV resort, the Santa Ana winds blow hot on the heels of his characters. Going to the heat, getting out of the heat, dealing with the heat—all motivations that make these characters as restless as their lust.

I started seeing his puppets all over the place…he made puppets who took pills and were cathetered; he made demon and angel puppets; puppets of crack whores and drag queens, muscle boys and campesinos; puppets in gabardine suits and puppets in silk kimonos. With big sad eyes. This touching and realistic lineup is highly recommended. From the quintessential military man, to the women who don a uniform and serve beside them, and the loved ones who wait at home for their return, both in the past and the present, the stories in Duty and Desire have it all. Skip to main content.

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Add to Wish List. Special Order - Call or email info fountainbookstore. Description The only thing stronger than the call of duty is the call of desire! This anthology of military erotic romance serves up a team of hot-blooded men and women from every branch of the military who serve their country and follow their hearts wherever they might be stationed.

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When the mission is done, the unit is recalled or the ship pulls into port, they set their sights on a new target--the pursuit of passion and love. In and out of uniform, stateside and abroad, these military warriors meet passion and danger head on.

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