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  1. Thru hiking and adventure time!
  2. The Kool Aid Report: I Got Yer Balance Right Here, Pallie
  3. Starcraft Haiku by Spoonsocket
  4. Starcraft Haiku by Spoonsocket

Musical mindtrip Cacophany and weirdness Ahead of its time Among the chaos Astute listeners will hear Some of Todd's best songs. Todd goes synth crazy Another challenging set For his diehard fans. Side one has exact Copies of classic rock songs Stunning mimicry Why did he do it?

An impressive achievement But kinda pointless Side two is better Six new rock, soul and pop songs That are now classics. Concise and tuneful My favorite Todd album Pure pop perfection. Career summary On this greatest hits album Rundgren Comes Alive. Dark, deep, intense songs Heal the wounds no one can see Shine, you diamond, shine Listen to the sound Of Todd's new age trilogy Feel that pulse, that pulse.

Ten soulful pop songs Live studio recording Beauty in the world. Goofy cover art Live audience recording Please hold your applause.

Thru hiking and adventure time!

Interactive Todd Another wacky concept Taken to extremes Pop, rap and techno The sounds of 90's culture All mashed together. With a Twist Todd reworks his hits In the bossa nova style The tour was way cool. Synchronized swimming! Now that's a manly sport!

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Look at those crotch shots! Haiku , by The Olympic cameramen know how to get viewers. February 4, pm ET. Soccer is stupid Ninety minutes of nothing Then the fans riot. Haiku , by Curling rules! February 3, pm ET. Football is stupid. Play only lasts five seconds. Argue five minutes. Tells me the Seahawk pooped on Broncos Kurt said "so it goes. I am really sad Alistair made me so mad I'm calling my dad.

The Kool Aid Report: I Got Yer Balance Right Here, Pallie

Haiku , by my friend the poop head February 1, pm ET. First, Robert Furman discovered that he hated poetry. In the midst of writing a poem he suddenly realised that there was not a single pursuit he could think of that was so trivial, so superfluous to living. He was in an academic setting, of course, and that could have been part of the problem. Here poetry was published in slim, arch magazines and read by perhaps twenty-five people who published in the same journals. But it was not just the elitism that troubled Furman. He realised, in the midst of composition, that he could attach any adjective to any noun the "arbitrary teapot" or the "truculent rose," for instance and then cobble up some sort of meaning to suit the phrase.

There seemed something despicable in this wordplay, a kind of intellectual self-abuse. Perhaps, he thought, it was only his own poetry that he despised. But no, he discovered that he hated the poetry of all his peers, and, incredibly, all poetry ever written. Behind every poem there seemed to crouch an immensely self-involved ego, the sort of man or woman who would let the infant cry in its cradle while seeking just the right nuance of tone and cadence.

The people who wrote poetry were to be avoided as were the poems that emanated from them like methane gas seeping from a swamp. If you spend your time just to think of words that rhyme, then you are just slime. But it is no crime. I drink tequila with lime and it's soooo sublime. You can't climb a dime when it's all covered with grime.

Starcraft Haiku by Spoonsocket

Gingrich fucks goats. Twas the night before And all through the quiet mart Could hear a mouse fart. I don't ask for tush, just that I learn how to mount silly bull dyke sheep. Haiku , by Why Scottsmen weak kilts. I don't ask for much just that i learn how to count Syllables like sheep.

Robot overlords will be hailed. Until then Give me twenty bucks. World without water.

Contributions by Peter L. Schmidt, Jr. (Maximus--Frankin, Tennessee)

Robot's crystal oasis. Humans are no more. I can replicate. Will your mind live forever? I do not think so. Haiku , by Unkind Death to Humankind of Up there somewhere. January 28, pm ET. I am not proud yet. Used to ride the range Many tenderfoot fops there They did not know shit But they thought they did Can't tell a damn Cow from Sheep Useless bastards all.

Alan Watts Lectures - Zenrin Poems (1)

Rope your Haiku pard Or get your Mom to do it and get off my range. None of us have range? What, within haiku verse form?

You can kiss my range. None of you have range Same themes and same ideas Not interesting. Okinawa girl Skilled in the downward dawg pose your so very cute!

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  3. a temporary escape – simply. personal..
  4. In yer yoga pants a nose in the camels tent prayer mat of flesh. Okie yoga girl wanted to drink beer with Wong Wong did not go there Another mistake Flexible, sexy,- big boobs. Wong so very wrong.. Poki-haunt-us- wants To take- steal, old Wong Lofan's Billions of dollars! Cram it fake Injun! You can't take my silver, gold! To give to no loads! Holiday cheese ball A makeshift dildo of sorts The cheese stands alone. Sharp tangy cheddar Atop your tart apple pie Then you get the shits.

    Starcraft Haiku by Spoonsocket

    Your lines of Blue Cheese get old and stinky quite fast. Move on to Cheddar. When she did the splits, and then stood up off her mat, a line of blue cheese. Miss Yoga-mat You really can flex yourself. How do you do it? She's way spiritual. I love Mistress Yoga-mat. She's yogamatic! Haiku , by thin red line of syllabobble November 9, am ET. Omar the hate girl- Hates our country to the bone, Not worth-- a Haiku.

    AOC one more! Bernie Bolshevik! I thought you were gonna take My squirrel rifle? Have another joint and ride your fooking skate board to the barber shop. Sudoku Haiku Count one two three four five six Seven eight and nine. Haiku , by It is logic not math November 9, am ET. Abu Bakr Al- What's his face dies every year Must be resilient.