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  1. Harry considers the biggest crater on the Moon: Mare Imbrium

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Harry considers the biggest crater on the Moon: Mare Imbrium

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A small breeze rustled the leaves of the oak tree, but it did not disturb the sleeping Soul Wraiths. In his chest, Illusion's silver heart stone glowed softly. Ronan's tiny blue diamond one was bright, as well.

Around them, the sounds of night filled the air, from the scuttling of some small animal, to the water lapping gently at the shores of the Mirror Lake. A sweet melody sang through the hills, as fog trailed along the ground.

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The fog glowed with a pale yellow luminance, almost as if the sun had been trapped within it's halo. Feb 07, Apr 06, Happpy Birthday Donna! Have a wonderful day Donna.


AlluraD 1, Apr 01, Muse Monger Silver Medal Meddler. Bright blessings sweet one today and every day Silver MoonMare. Silver MoonMare Jun 30, Thank you so very much for the lovely thoughts and wishes I feel I don't deserve it though I've been away from this great place for so long I've had my elderly parents living with me for a couple of months.

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  • My good kids.
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Mom had cataract surgery on both eyes, and I've been caring for her and my Dad. Hopefully now that they've returned home, I can find some time for myself again. Have a wonderful week and know that your gesture warmed my heart in all ways.