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Star-Crossed Lovers. Be My Lover. Trouble 12" Remix.

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Shakespeare wrote about them, and famed Hollywood couple Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor starred in a gaudy, highly expensive movie about their story. Both of them grew up in a small community in Virginia and fell in love from a young age. For centuries in the US, laws existed that forbade interracial marriage.

16 Star-Crossed Lovers in YA Books That We Still Can’t Get Over

These laws survived in one form or another in various southern states during the year , when Richard and Mildred were quietly married in Washington D. When they returned home, however, an anonymous tip led to them being arrested for living as man and wife, while their marriage certificate was discredited. They were sentenced to a year in prison, suspended on the condition that they stay out Virginia for 25 years. In , the SCOTUS decided that the anti-interracial marriage laws were unconstitutional, thereby making the laws invalid.

Their story has been turned into three films so far, the most recent one being made in As was portrayed in 12 Years a Slave , Solomon Northup was a free black man in New York until he was kidnapped and sold into slavery in His wife finally got word of her missing husband in , followed shortly by his release and return.

Clark Gable was one of the biggest Hollywood stars of his time, and like many stars in Hollywood, he had a wandering eye for women.

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While he was separating from his second wife, however, he fell for his old co-star from No Man of Her Own , Carole Lombard. In , Lombard helped the US government sell war bonds, and then took a plane back to Hollywood rather than take a three-day train trip from Indiana. Sadly, the plane crashed while en route, killing everyone on board. Surviving the war, Gable would get married two more times, but when he died in , he was buried next to Lombard.

24 Tragic Facts About Star-Crossed Lovers

Your view of Pocahontas might be inspired by the Disney film made about her, featuring a star-crossed love between herself and English explorer John Smith. However, the truth may be darker in origin and outcome. Historically, Pocahontas had no romance with John Smith their age difference was arguably a good reason.

Duke Ellington & Billy Strayhorn - Star-Crossed Lovers

Pocahontas is said to have had a husband before she was captured by the English and taken to Europe. His name was Kocoum, and he and Pocahontas are said to have had a child before Kocoum was possibly killed and Pocahontas was captured. The heir to the Portuguese throne, Pedro, had eyes only for Ines de Castro, a lady-in-waiting to his betrothed, Constance of Castile. Forced into a marriage with Constance to maintain an alliance between their countries, their marriage ended when Constance died. When Pedro tried to take Ines as his new wife seems fair enough, since he had multiple kids with her at that point , his infuriated father sent three men after Ines.

They brutally murdered her in front of one of her own children. In response to the murder of his beloved Ines, Prince Pedro ruthlessly hunted down the men responsible.

In , he captured two of the three men, and exacted a bloody revenge. The men were publicly executed by having their hearts ripped out, since Pedro reasoned that neither men could have a heart after breaking his own. Poetic, in a very brutal way. To be doomed within a relationship.

Romeo and Juliet is a classic example of star crossed lovers. Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are star-crossed lovers, kept apart by Modest! Romeo and Julia were star-crossed lovers because their parents were enemies. January 6 May 9 Beefer Chocolate Mop I'm outta here Fucky Wucky Foisted