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  1. Mutualism: An interview with Kevin Carson | The Isocracy Network
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Home Authors. One Cheer — More or Less — For the Green New Deal By Kevin Carson, P2P Foundation In framing the alternatives, I start from the assumption that our primary purpose is actually building the post-capitalist society, and that our engagement or lack of engagement with the state is a secondary course of action whose main purpose is to create a more conducive, less harmful environment in which to do the building.

Mutualism: An interview with Kevin Carson | The Isocracy Network

Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons By Kevin Carson, P2P Foundation Following an introduction by Gorenflo, in which he summarizes the background of the Sharing Cities movement, states its basic principles and assesses its significance, the book — a collaborative effort by fifteen people — provides over two hundred pages of case studies of local sharing economy projects in dozens of cities. Omnia Sunt Communia: Review By Kevin Carson, P2P Foundation Hence the commons, by growth, can reduce its need for interaction with the circuit of capital via the cash nexus, and incorporate more and more basic functions of life into itself.

Lessons from the Practice of Basic Income By Kevin Carson, P2P Foundation Brancaglione proposes a very anarchist-sounding agenda of federated local communities bypassing the state to create a counter-economy and appropriate illegitimately enclosed resources to fund a basic income.

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It contrasts capitalism as it actually developed and as it actually exists with a free market, and demonstrates why defenders of the latter ought to strongly oppose the former. The first segment of the book is dedicated to explaining and defending the labor-theory of value : how the prices of goods in a free market will tend to gravitate to express the value of the labor embodied in them, how deviations from this general rule can be explained, and how this value should belong to the laborer as the natural wage of the labor.

Kevin Carson

Carson asserts:. Throughout history, the state has been a means by which the producing classes were robbed of their produce in order to support an idle ruling class.

Without state intervention in the marketplace, the natural wage of labor would be its product. It is statism that is at the root of all the exploitative features of capitalism. Capitalism, indeed, only exists to the extent that the principles of free exchange are violated.

The various ways in which the state steps in to ameliorate the very same exploitation of capitalism that it caused in the first place are, Carson demonstrates, further methods of entrenching an exploitative elite.