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  1. The myth of meritocracy: who really gets what they deserve? | News | The Guardian
  2. Meritocracy
  3. On Jeff Bezos, Microsoft, and Epoch Writing Monkeys
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The belief in the myth of merit hurts the smart kid with great grades who aced his SATs but was still rejected from Yale and Harvard. It hurts talented athletes who have worked their tails off for so many years.

The myth of meritocracy: who really gets what they deserve? | News | The Guardian

It hurts parents who have committed hundreds of school nights and weekends to their children. It hurts HR departments that believe degrees from Ivy League schools mean that graduates are qualified. At least in an outright class system like the British Houses of Lords and Commons, there is not this farcical playacting of equal opportunity. The elites, with their privilege and titles, know the reason they are there and feel some sense of obligation to those less well off than they are.

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All societies engage in myth-making about themselves. He received instead a sweetheart deal that concealed the extent of his crimes. The lead prosecutor in that case had previously been reprimanded by a federal judge in another underage sex crimes case for concealing victim information, the Miami Herald reports.


While the rich are able to escape consequences for even the most horrific of crimes , the U. Approximately 7 million people were under some form of correctional control by the end of , including 2.

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  7. Despite all this evidence, most Americans embrace a version of the Calvinist beliefs promulgated by their forebears, believing that the elect deserve their status. Additionally, the area, populated by many immigrant families and children, was experiencing social and political unrest due to Senate Bill , a controversial Arizona law that in its original form criminalized undocumented people in the state.

    At three points over the course of middle school, the youth rated their self-esteem, behavior, and experience with discrimination. The results revealed an alarming trajectory.

    On Jeff Bezos, Microsoft, and Epoch Writing Monkeys

    In sixth grade, among students who believed the system is fair, self-esteem was high and risky behavior was rare; by the end of seventh grade, these same students reported lower self-esteem and more risky behaviors—with no significant differences based on race, ethnicity, gender, or immigration generation youth from newly arrived immigrant families and native-born counterparts.

    As for why this leads to more risky behavior, Godfrey points to research that suggests people who really believe the system is fair internalize stereotypes—believing and acting out false and negative claims about their group—more readily than those who disavow these views. While the sample was relatively small, Godfrey said the findings are informative and mirror prior research.

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    David Stovall, professor of educational-policy studies and African American studies at University of Illinois at Chicago, said the paper is a confirmation of decades of analysis on the education of marginalized and isolated youth. Educators, he said, play a crucial role in this work. Mildred Boveda, an assistant education professor at Arizona State University, likewise said the findings hold important implications for both teachers and teacher education.


    Her students on the brink of middle school, she noted, were hyper-aware of social inequalities. Still, she sees valuable insights in the data.

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