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It also leaves us with the unsettling realization that we may be much more than we can ever imagine, divine beings merely enjoying a human experience, slumbering spiritual giants only awaiting the touch of awakening. Skip to Main Content Area.

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Follow SriNithyananda. Health Wealth Relationship Excellence Enlightenment. Services Mission. Revealer of the Science of Spirituality.

Taking Sannyas - Telling his Parents. Suddenly one evening the urge to leave home Taking Sannyas — The Blow that Shifted. By the age 17 Nithyananda had completed his Hyenas at Arunachala. Nithyananda used to circumambulate the Arunachala Great Vedantis.

The Science of Spirituality

At a young age Nithyananda was already very An unusual trip to Kailash. Yogiraj Raghupati Yogi, a man of many miracles, My first impression on flicking through this book was that it looked very impressive. I started reading yesterday morning and was immediately impressed by the quality of writing and the engaging subject matter. Everything is explained so simply, clearly and concisely that even complex subjects were not too difficult to understand.

The 50 or so diagrams some of which are truly inspired were very helpful and took my understanding to another level. I thought I knew a lot about spiritual matters before I read this book, but it showed me just how little I really knew. Even the apparent differences between the major religions no longer seemed like differences after I saw the common thread.

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The book gave me so much to think about, and for that alone I am grateful. It is packed full of so much interesting and important information that it must be one of the most important books ever written.


I am going to read it again now to develop a deeper understanding of some of the concepts that were new to me, and to see just how much I missed the first time around. The Science of Spirituality — Overview The Science of Spirituality is a ground-breaking book that integrates the individual systems of science, psychology, philosophy, spirituality and religion into a unified system that describes the multi-dimensional nature of man and the universe.

The Science of Spirituality — Reviews A whole new perspective on spirituality I have read so many metaphysical books over the years and was beginning to think that there was nothing left to stimulate my craving for esoteric knowledge. My thirst for knowledge has finally been quenched! Life, the universe and everything in a single volume!

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Very interesting and thought provoking My first impression on flicking through this book was that it looked very impressive. The Science of Spirituality. Awakening to Wholeness. Previous: Enneatype 9. Next: Book Contents.